Schools and nurseries with playgrounds created of mainly fields know all too well that mud can restrict play and outdoor learning. Even when it’s not raining, mud can still stop children from getting outside at break time.

rubber chippings defeat mud

It’s a common problem that we see here at Safety Play. However there is one playground floor that could combat the mud and get your children playing outdoors more days out of the year, and that is a our fantastic rubber chippings.

One of the best features of our rubber chippings, is that they can be installed directly onto hardened mud if this is preferred. In general the ground preparation is minimal, requiring no grass for the best results, the ground must not be sodden or soft mud.

To read the full installation guide click here. 

Depending on the type of play equipment and apparatuses you have we can provide you with quotes for various depths. This will of of course correspond with our critical fall heights.

If you’d like to work out much rubber chippings you need please use our free coverage calculator. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 01444 226363  or drop us an email, should you require any additional information.

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