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Our rubber chippings have a range of uses from making play areas safe to making flower beds beautiful and weed free.

Outdoor play is so important for children’s development and we know how unpredictable the great British weather can be! If you’ve invested in a small climbing frame or trampoline for your garden, you now need to make the surrounding area as safe as can be.

The issue with wood bark is that it decomposes, floods and can even stain clothing. You’re likely to also have to top up the wood bark quite often, to keep it at a depth that is a safe critical fall height. Safety Play rubber chippings are ideal as they don’t rot, fade in colour, or blow away in strong winds.

Our range of play chippings makes outdoor play areas safe, no matter what the weather is! The cost has a big part to play, so our loose-fill play chippings are affordable and simple to buy. We pride ourselves on being the cheapest online retailer of premium quality rubber chippings.

We design with safety in mind, so all our products are critical fall height certified. Our loose fill and resin bonded options are BS EN1177:2008 certified. Just because our prices are low doesn’t mean our standards are!

How are the chippings safe?

All of our play surfaces are critical fall height certified so you can rest assured that your children’s safety has been considered. Whether you are using any of the loose fill range of play chippings, or the resin bound versions, both have been certified according to BS EN1177:2008.

A recycled product

Safety Play is the UK’s leading manufacturer of recycled rubber chippings. Our company recycles used vehicle tyres and turns them into rubber chippings. We clean and colour the chippings and turn them into a variety of products. Used in play areas, garden landscaping, equestrian surfaces and even chicken run surfacing!

When your play area is no longer needed you can shovel up the loose chippings and use them as a garden border mulch too!

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