Across the UK there is roughly 100,000 tyres from cars, lorries, tractors and motorbike that come the end of their roadworthy life span every day. Further more since the beginning of 2016 approximately 11,700,000 tyres now need to be disposed of.
With such a huge number like that, and the fact we know tyres are not biodegradable, it’s safe to assume that a lot of these tyres will end up in landfills.

rubber chippings UK safety play

Here at Safety Play we love the environment and want to do what ever we can to help reduce waste. That’s why we take waste tyres and using the latest technology, recycle and re-purpose them into premium rubber chippings for children’s’ play areas in schools, parks and day nurseries, they can also be used in landscaping as a mulch solution. Safety Play chippings can also be used to keep your animals happy, we provide chip for equestrian menages and chicken runs.

All of our play safety surfaces are made in Great Britain – in fact all of our products are British made.

Quality is always a priority for us and our equipment and surfacing are certified to EN1176:2008 and EN1177:2008 – so you can rest assured that craftsmanship and safety are built into every design.

We have worked with many organisations including schools, day nurseries and domestic homes right across Great Britain and have created stunning and engaging play spaces of all shapes and sizes. Take a look below at just some of the stunning areas we’ve helped to bring to life.


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